Centre Funding Utilisation

The funding associated with the CPEE will be used to promote power engineering activities and excellence at UOW. Examples of the mainstream areas in which the funding will be utilised will include:

  • Staff Recruitment and Retention - Funding will contribute to the recruitment and retention of leading researchers and educators in the field of electrical power engineering. These researchers and educators will be dedicated to undertaking applied industry based research as well as training the next generation of the electrical power industry workforce.
  • Postgraduate Scholarships - Funding will be used to establish a scholarship program to attract high quality electrical power engineering postgraduate students who will work on industry based projects and who will be committed to obtaining solutions to practical industry problems.
  • Undergraduate Scholarships - Scholarships will be offered on a yearly basis to attract high quality students who will form the future industry workforce and leaders.
  • Research Infrastructure Support - Funding will be utilised to procure and maintain laboratory equipment and facilities required to conduct applied research and undertake consulting work of relevance to the industry.
  • Support for Attendance at Peak Industry Committees - The researchers and educators associated with the CPEE are involved in peak national and international working groups and committees in order to ensure access to state of the art knowledge and solutions for industry problems as well as ensuring the contribution of Australia on the world stage. Some funds from the CPEE will be used to offset the costs of staff participation in these activities.