About the Centre for Power Engineering Excellence (CPEE)

Introducing the CPEE

The need

A secure, high quality electricity supply is the cornerstone of a prosperous modern economy and society. The modern electricity distribution system has been developed over time through the expertise of electrical power engineers trained by universities along with the world leading research undertaken by researchers solving practical problems. To ensure that Australia's electricity supply remains world class, there is a need to maintain the highest level of training and research in the electrical power engineering field.

Meeting the need

The CPEE at the University of Wollongong (UOW) is a holistic electrical power engineering initiative which has been developed to enhance education, research and training in this critical field. The CPEE builds on the long term internationally recognised expertise of UOW in the power engineering field by bringing together the capability of a number of UOW strengths including renewable energy systems and integration, power systems, power quality & reliability, battery energy storage systems, and infrastructure modelling and economics.

And beyond

In addition to providing a tangible positive benefit to the ongoing development of the electrical power engineering industry in Australia, CPEE partners will have access to the research, training and consultancy services of several high calibre University of Wollongong research groups. These include the Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre (APQRC), the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC), the Institute for Superconducting & Electronic Materials (ISEM) and the SMART Infrastructure Facility. The CPEE provides significant value and opportunity to partner organisations and provides an opportunity for industry to work together constructively to solve common problems.

Mission Statement

The Centre for Power Engineering Excellence at the University of Wollongong will deliver excellence in power engineering research, education and industry professional development, along with value added services to industry supported through long term sustainable partnerships.



  • To engage in world leading, highly industry relevant collaborative research and innovation
  • To be recognised nationally and internationally as the premier Australian institution for electrical power engineering research


  • To enhance the quality of power engineering education at the University of Wollongong (UOW) and to play a key role in the fostering of power engineering education on a state and national level
  • To provide opportunities in postgraduate education allowing students to acquire the specialised skills required by industry and to develop the next generation of electrical power engineering educators


  • To provide ongoing training to industry and the community in fields ranging from general awareness to specialised technical topics
  • To produce technical documentation useful to the industry and the broader community

Industry collaboration

  • To work closely with industry to ensure that the research and development work undertaken remains relevant and addresses the real world problems faced by the industry and to produce innovations that make Australian industries world leaders in electrical power engineering practice
  • To provide informed and credible input to the development of national and international standards and guidelines, via Standards Australia, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and Council for Large Electric Systems (CIGRÉ)

Centre Funding Utilisation

The funding associated with the CPEE will be used to promote power engineering activities and excellence at UOW. Examples of the mainstream areas in which the funding will be utilised will include:

  • Staff Recruitment and Retention - Funding will contribute to the recruitment and retention of leading researchers and educators in the field of electrical power engineering. These researchers and educators will be dedicated to undertaking applied industry based research as well as training the next generation of the electrical power industry workforce.
  • Postgraduate Scholarships - Funding will be used to establish a scholarship program to attract high quality electrical power engineering postgraduate students who will work on industry based projects and who will be committed to obtaining solutions to practical industry problems.
  • Undergraduate Scholarships - Scholarships will be offered on a yearly basis to attract high quality students who will form the future industry workforce and leaders.
  • Research Infrastructure Support - Funding will be utilised to procure and maintain laboratory equipment and facilities required to conduct applied research and undertake consulting work of relevance to the industry.
  • Support for Attendance at Peak Industry Committees - The researchers and educators associated with the CPEE are involved in peak national and international working groups and committees in order to ensure access to state of the art knowledge and solutions for industry problems as well as ensuring the contribution of Australia on the world stage. Some funds from the CPEE will be used to offset the costs of staff participation in these activities.


Our partners share a passion for excellence in power engineering reasearch, education and industry professional development.

Partner Benefits

In addition to supporting the long term future of excellence in power engineering education and research in Australia, Centre partners can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to make a significant and meaningful contribution to the ongoing development of the electrical power industry
  • Involvement in a comprehensive program which will ensure the continuation of world class practical power engineering research and teaching activities
  • Significant opportunities for product research, development and testing through collaborative projects
  • Access to a vast pool of specialised knowledge and experience
  • The ability to nominate undergraduate thesis and/or postgraduate research projects to enhance collaborative research
  • Acknowledgement on all Centre websites and documentation
  • Priority expert consulting and/or laboratory testing time
  • The ability to provide company-named scholarships to facilitate the recognition of company name, vision and values
  • Exposure to students through guest lectures and seminars and other Centre activities
  • Complimentary attendance at all Centre managed continuing education courses (typically 2 per year)
  • Centre partner-only technical expertise and developed literature
  • Direct promotion of employment opportunities to potential undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Partnership Levels

Centre partnerships are offered at Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels. The higher the level of membership, the greater the benefits including greater access to additional UOW resources and capability.

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CPEE Prospectus

CPEE Prospectus