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The APQRC is a centre of excellence in research, education, professional development and consulting in power system quality and reliability, renewable energy systems and energy efficiency. The APQRC was established through a joint agreement between the University of Wollongong and Integral (now Endeavour) Energy in 1996 as Australia's first power quality centre. The focus of the Centre is to work in conjunction with industry to improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply for the benefit of all consumers. The unique relationship between the APQRC and Endeavour Energy coupled with high levels of industry engagement and consulting has allowed APQRC to be at the forefront of theoretical and practical power system research and implementation. With over two decades of continuous industry support, the APQRC has shown itself to be an agile and innovative group, able to deliver the practical outcomes expected by its industry partners and clients.

In addition to its highly qualified staff the APQRC also has access to a pool of approximately 25 higher degree research candidates with a wide range of skills and experience and undertaking study across a wide range of technical areas.

  • Power Quality & Renewable Energy Research Laboratory

    The PQRERL contains a range of sophisticated equipment useful for a broad range of research and testing. Hardware is complemented by advanced software allowing simulation and analysis.
  • Waveform generator

    California Instruments 30 kVA programmable arbitrary waveform generator (including Omni Impedance Network) provides a highly regulated voltage supply including the capability to simulate actual network conditions in order to undertake equipment evaluation.
  • Dynamometer

    A 100 kW, 300 rpm, 100 Nm 4-quadrant dynamic dynamometer provides the ability to assess the efficiency and capability of motors and drives up to a rating of 100 kW.
  • Field monitoring

    The APQRC has a range of modern high accuracy Power Quality Monitoring instruments providing field monitoring capability.
  • TerraSAS solar simulators

    The APQRC has 3 x 10 kW TerraSAS solar array simulators combined with inverters along with a range of loads. These provide the capability to perform a range of renewable energy integration studies.
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CPEE Prospectus