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Simulation, Modelling and Analysis for Research and Teaching (SMART) Infrastructure Facility

SMART is an international leader in applied infrastructure research brining together experts from fields such as transport, water, energy, economics and modelling and simulation and provides a state-of-the-art facility to support this important research.

SMART Infrastructure Facility is one of the largest research institutions in the world dedicated to helping governments and businesses better plan for the future. SMART’s work is augmented by collaborations with experts across UOW’s Faculties in infrastructure-related fields such as energy generation and storage, water sustainability, environmental engineering, spatial geotechnics and social planning.

When the $62 million SMART building opened in 2011 as Australia’s first multi-disciplinary applied infrastructure research and training facility, it represented a commitment by the Australian and NSW Governments to apply a more scientific approach to infrastructure planning.

Since opening, SMART has built an international profile working with government agencies in Australia and around the world, and has developed a strong network of global collaborators. SMART brings together experts from fields such as rail, infrastructure systems, transport, water, energy, economics and modelling and simulation and provides 30 state-of-the art laboratories to facilitate this important research. It has developed the SMART Infrastructure Dashboard (SID) to provide visual, graphical and geospatial data analysis capabilities using publicly available infrastructure utility data and relevant regional, state and national-level demographic and economic data.

The Facility provides specialist teaching laboratories for 200 post graduate research students and over 5000 undergraduate students per week.

CPEE Prospectus

CPEE Prospectus